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Hello, my name is Bob and this is my new baking blog. Until last year, I didn't have a clue about baking. However, all that changed last year when I was planning my wife's birthday celebration. She was going to turn 50 years old so it was a big celebration. I thought that I had everything covered until, the day before the big event, I suddenly realised I didn't have a cake. I contacted the local bakery and they invited me down and stoked the oven. I watched the bakers as they worked on the cake and I was very impressed. A few hours later, I had a wonderful cake in my hand and I decided I wanted to learn more about baking. I hope you enjoy my blog.


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Which Tasty Pastry will you Choose the Next Time you Visit the Bakery?
28 May 2017

Five current buns in the baker's shop, Plus a choi

Which Tasty Pastry will you Choose the Next Time you Visit the Bakery?

Five current buns in the baker's shop,

Plus a choice of tasty treats which you wouldn't want to swap.

Along came Apple Pie with a Croissant one day,

With a load more pastries, which one to take away?

When walking into your local bakery you will be faced with a variety of delicious pastries to choose from. Here are just some of the tasty treats that you will usually find on display, with an idea of how and when they are best served:

Apple Pie - This is a pastry tart which uses apples as the main filling ingredient, and is best served with whipped cream or ice cream. The pastry is used at the top and bottom making it a double crust pie.

Cinnamon Roll - This is a very sweet roll, shaped in a swirl. It usually contains raisins, as well as cinnamon. Often they are served at breakfast time.

Cream Horn - Perfect for an afternoon tea, these pastries are in the shape of a horn, and often filled with fruit or whipped cream.

Croissant - This is a very buttery pastry, shaped like a crescent from which its name is derived. Croissants are usually served for breakfast with jam.

Danish Pastry - This is a sweet, multilayered pastry, which can come in a variety of shapes, and have a number of different fillings and toppings. Delicious with morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Eclair - This is a light pastry made with choux dough, which is shaped like an oblong. It is filled with cream and topped with chocolate or coffee icing, chocolate being the most popular. These are perfect for taking round to someone's house for an afternoon drink.

Jam Tart - This is usually a favourite amongst children because they look so simple and colourful. They are often topped with strawberry or apricot jam, but they can be filled with a variety of different flavoured jams too. These are great because they often keep well.

Mille-feuille - Also called a vanilla slice or custard slice. It consists of rectangle layers of puff pastry, filled with layers of whipped cream or jam, and topped off with icing. This a quite a filling pastry and makes a delicious desert.

Pain au chocolate - This is a cuboid-shaped puff pastry, filled with a few pieces of chocolate. Pain au chocolate is usually served at breakfast, and often found sitting next to the Croissants. These are usually eaten as they come but can be warmed through.

Turnover - This can be a sweet or savoury treat, and can even make a tasty midday snack. The filling is added to the centre of the puff pastry and then folded over.

There will be other pastries available too, but it's always worth remembering to get to the bakery early in the morning before they run out of your favourite!